Situated Infrastructures



We are excited to present our innovative project: an independent live music and video streaming platform created by HSLU students. This platform allows us to generate our own playlists, engage in live streaming, and interact in real-time, offering a unique experience tailored for the HSLU community.

Key Features

  1. Interactive Stations: At our interactive station, users can take photos displaying the link to the song they want to share. These photos will be uploaded to the cloud (""), and we will manually compile the songs into a playlist using YouTube and the yt-dlp tool.
  2. Live Studio & Playback: Our live studio will showcase live playback, where the audience can see photos of songs being shared and hear the music in the background. This immersive experience is enhanced with live chat and emoji features, fostering real-time interaction.
  3. Self-Hosted Platform: We utilize Owncast, an open-source, self-hosted live video streaming platform, to ensure better control and privacy. This approach avoids dependence on centralized services like YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Live.
  4. Open Source & Customizable: Owncast allows community contributions and customization to fit specific needs. Users can host the streaming server on their own hardware or a cloud service, offering complete control over data and stream privacy.
  5. Integration with OBS: We use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), a free and open-source software widely used for its flexibility and advanced audio and video source management capabilities to organise and manage our live broadcasts.

Technical Setup

  • Software Tools: Brew, yt-dlp, ffmpeg, owncast and obs.
  • Privacy & Efficiency: Leveraging Raspberry Pi and similar software ensures isolated and efficient data recording.

Practical Application
This project is a practical component of our "Situated Infrastructures" collaboration. It demonstrates how, with proper rules, digital infrastructures can provide a harmonious and satisfying user experience. By combining live streaming, real-time interaction, and robust privacy measures, we create a dynamic and secure platform for the HSLU community.

We want to thank everyone for exploring our project and being part of this exciting journey. Many of you joined us, shared your favourite songs, and experienced the future of interactive music and video streaming at HSLU. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our teachers for giving us this incredible opportunity and for their unwavering support in making this project a reality.