Situated Infrastructures

One Bench

One Bench

A bench as a directed vector of contemplation. A point that accommodates infinity. Guiding man in his relaxation.
To bring to people's attention one of the best films they've ever seen. Infrastructure for people to have a commonality and at the same time individuality of their experiences in a particular directional vector. (directional gaze)
It's like an author film without a time limit. You can refer to it at different times in your life. Caspar David Friedrich has a painting called “Stages of Life”. It's interesting that an old man said that at different times in his life he paid attention to different parts of the film. I think it's the same with the bench. If you go back to the same place, after a while you will see something completely new to you. Sitting on a bench one becomes a spectator and an artist at the same time.
The goal is to give a person an opportunity to stop and think. This has always been very important to me in my life. As if to get out of the turbulent river of life for a moment on the bank. To look from the outside. For me, this is an invaluable gift a person has.
It's great that two people from completely different backgrounds worked on this project. It's very complementary.
Physically it's just a bench, a QR code, a web site where you can leave your answer.
Finding a physical bench was also quite an interesting task. We managed to meet new people you might not have known at all.
This infrastructure is for human beings, or more precisely human (homo sapiens) thinking.
Its purpose? (What do we expect from this infrastructure?) To bring a person into awareness of themselves.
The bench as a situational infrastructure. Situational because it is point-based, it has a specific fixed geolocation on a map. A point in the abstract, in practice a physical object that is tangible.
The method of unhurried contemplation helped a lot. Sitting on a bench. Understanding that this infrastructure can be bigger than it first seams. It's like opening a computer and discovering infinity.
Knowledge of HTML and CSS helped bring this project to life. Concentration on detail. As Sigmund Freud said ”What others see as disorder, for me is historical order.” Every detail shapes our life and our reality.
Our life is not just what it is but the result of our daily choices, events and our reactions to them.
A website. A place where our memories are like different bubbles, you can select the colour and the size (by a length of your text). The main aim isn't even to read another person's thoughts, it's to focus on your own. To see the connection between ourselves and other people.