Situated Infrastructures

Brainworms – A project about everything

Brainworms – A project about everything

Connectivity seems to have always been the rule of nature; in the beginning, it was a geological process, then a morphological process expressed through natural selection and mutation, and now it's become an epigenetic and cultural process. Throughout the history of nature, the speed at which this connectivity has been established has grown faster and faster, and now it is at a speed that allows us to see it happening in our lifetime.

In this project, I aim to represent my own individual version of reality consisting of the connections I make between different ideas, in the form of an interactive mindmap. This suggests that each person has their own situated infrastructure; their mind. And as individual and unique as it may be in detail, its concept and functionality are the most global and common among humans.

The user will enter a polygonal structure with tall walls. On the inside, pieces of paper with different topics are pinned on the walls, connected with threads to one another.
Inside the enclosure, there is a computer with headphones connected to it. On the screen, there are a number of topics scattered around that that user can pick from. After clicking on a topic, the user is guided to a page where they will hear a my voice explaining about the topic, followed by a set of suggested relevant topics the user could choose from to continue. Or, they could always go back to the main page and pick a topic on their own.