Situated Infrastructures



DO YOU AGREE? is an online application that challenges users' understanding of Instagram's Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Privacy Policies (PP). An interactive "game/quiz" format emphasises the need to agree to legal documents whether we like it or not. The goal of this project was to not only increase user awareness of the policies' details but also promote self-education and exploration of privacy settings. Additionally, the application shall make room for individual reflection on the current system and whether or not this is ethical or fair.

Concerns surrounding extensive permissions and data collection practices are prevalent in social media platforms and are often discussed nowadays. We saw potential in working with digital privacy and user rights as situated Infrastructures and were motivated by our own experiences with the state of not having a choice when confronted with Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies of various platforms.

Our working process was a bumpy road. In the beginning, we delved into various aspects of Instagram’s legal documents such as data collection, third-party access, or user rights in our individual research. From there we went through various iteration phases, boiling down the topic to the “state of not having a choice” and the question of how much we don’t know about Instagram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. Having found the core of our project, we started to build around it, trying to make a user experience that mimics Instagram’s user interface of their story feature.

In summary, DO YOU AGREE? is meant to shed light on the often overlooked lack of choice when it comes to agreeing to terms and conditions and privacy policies, in our case in the context of Instagram. If we take a step towards better understanding our digital rights and the consequences of agreeing without deeper knowledge, we can empower people to make informed choices about their privacy.