Situated Infrastructures



The CarboLow App should serve as an innovative digital infrastructure designed to empower users with sustainable cooking practices and facilitate significant reductions in carbon footprints. With a comprehensive range of features, the app should seamlessly support eco-friendly shopping journeys.

At its core, the app should provide a Score Page, acting as a centralized hub for users to track their saved emissions, stay motivated by community goals, and gain valuable insights into their overall environmental impact.

Within the Recipes section, users should have access to a diverse collection of pre-loaded recipes that inspire culinary creativity. The app should actively encourage users to contribute their own recipes, promoting vibrant community engagement. Each recipe should be equipped with a carbon footprint calculation, enabling users to make informed decisions and opt for lower-emission cooking alternatives. By displaying the emissions associated with each ingredient, users should easily identify and select the most environmentally friendly options, effortlessly optimizing their shopping experience.

The Recipes itself should provide carbon footprint calculation for each ingredient, guiding users towards lower-emission cooking choices. When deciding on buying the ingredients for a certain recipe the user should be able to easily see which options are available and which one is the best choice to have the least amount of CO2 produced. The user then can go through each ingredient and choose the best option for them adding them to their shopping cart.

The cart page should enhance user convenience by providing an easy overview of all the ingredients to buy when in the shop. Users can efficiently manage their shopping list, ensuring they have everything they need while maintaining a clear focus on sustainability.

The CarboLow App should aspire to establish an effective digital infrastructure that makes sustainable cooking accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. By equipping users with the tools to calculate emissions, explore alternative ingredients, and embrace eco-friendly practices, the app should play a pivotal role in contributing to a greener and healthier future.